Who are we?




I Ketut Kodi as Sidha Karya



Balinesedance is an international network of leading Indonesian performers based in the UK and Indonesia, but working worldwide.

Its staff comprise:


Artistic Director

Ni Madé Pujawati (Biography, CV and email)

Musical Director

I Nengah Susila (CV)

Consultant on Balinese Dance

Prof I Wayan Dibia

Consultant on Javanese Dance

Sunarno Purwolelono

Consultant on Shadow Theatre

I Madé Sidia

Performance Organizer US

Dr. Judith Fox

Performance Organizer Bali

Rucina Ballinger

Academic Consultants (UK)

Prof Mark Hobart SOAS

Academic Consultants (Netherlands)

Professor Ben Arps

Academic Consultant (Australia)

Prof Peter Worsley, Sydney

Academic Consultant (USA)

Prof Richard Fox, Chicago

Audio-Visual Consultant

Ivan Kwek, Nanyang University, Singapore


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Tabuh Pamungkah by Sekaha Angklung Darma Mangrua Bayad Tegallalang

Broadband version
56kps version